COACHING. Individual coaching is a service which helps you to clarify problems, define strategies and carry out a step-by-step plan to achieve a goal. I frequently help people when they are going through professional crises, reorienting their career paths, or pepping up their job-hunting skills. Other common coaching cases that I frequently help with are work-family balance, mid-life crises, and health/lifestyle changes. My coaching processes are normally concentrated in time and I offer packages of 4 to 6 sessions.

COUNSELLING. Individual counselling consists of an open-ended service to help you when you are not suffering from severe clinical symptoms, yet need support and guidance in dealing with life challenges. Some of the usual types of cases that I help with are improving family and love relationships, dealing with loss, accompanying fertility treatments, boosting confidence and self esteem, adapting successfully to a new country or job. The average counselling service normally takes around 20 sessions within a semester

PSYCHOTHERAPY. Individual psychotherapy consists of helping you to understand and overcome your suffering from clinical symptoms. Frequent problems I help with are anxiety disorders, depression, grief, phobias, addictions, or sexual disorders. I create a healing alliance with my clients whereby we work together on overcoming or downsizing the symptoms as fast as possible. I often co-ordinate my work with psychiatrists so that the pharmacological treatment is as effective and timely as possible.

FAMILY THERAPY. Family therapy is the best approach for relational challenges, since I help the whole system work together towards improving their communication and problem solving. The two most frequent types of cases I help with are families where children/adolescents are manifesting emotional or behavioural problems, and couples going through marital stress and difficult transitions. I have a broad experience working with LGTBI families.Family and couples therapy treatments typically follow a 6 to 8 session protocol and the sessions are usually joint sessions with both spouses together in the session and parents and children together.